Benefits of Taking a Nap for a Healthier Sleep Hygiene

Benefits of Taking a Nap for a Healthier Sleep Hygiene

When the subject of sleep is in the discussion, we may want to mention the amount of time we have on our hands. Moreover, in describing the different types of sleep we have, it is good to s what a nap is. A nap is a short sleep usually taken during the middle of the day. The primary purpose of taking a nap is to regain any lost period of sleep or repay what we know as sleep debt. Whereas napping is more common in children than adults, everyone needs to take a nap to get refreshed for more productivity. 

On the other hand, having a sleep disorder is one of the reasons why napping is not always productive for sleep hygiene australia. Another probable reason for lack of adequate sleep or nap is the nature of one’s work or business. If you have a very tight and busy schedule, it may not be easy to set a time during the day for a nap. However, these factors should be more reasons to nap. Click here for acid reflux and its impact on your sleep hygiene.

Assuming you have been active all day from one place to another. Still, at midday, you notice this feeling of tiredness and sluggishness. You may even become a little irritable and start to doze off while waiting for someone or in a meeting. Then, you may need a cup of coffee to get you through the day, provided that you are not caffeine-resistant. Instead of depending on a cup of coffee, why not consider having some moments to take an afternoon nap. 

With this description of what a nap is and the essential instant benefits, we should begin to ask how long rest should be. Following that, we can think of how much time each person can afford for a refreshing moment and healthy sleep hygiene. Perhaps, an excellent place to start will be to describe what a ‘power nap’ is and the benefits one can derive from napping regarding good sleep hygiene.

What is a ‘Power Nap’?

If you can spare as much as 15 to 30 minutes during the day, you should try to take a power nap. It will help rejuvenate your body with fresher strength for the rest of the day. And depending on your nature of work, it can also help you repay some of the outstanding sleep debt you may have. In a genuine sense, the power naps are natural sleep, only that it lasts for a short period. 

Benefits of Taking a Nap for a Healthier Sleep Hygiene

Moreover, when you take a power nap as a sleep hygiene method, you can wake up before the deep sleep begins. However, you can remain in the shallow stages of the sleep cycle. Some people trying out the power naps may escape tiredness or post-nap feeling immediately after waking. Bear in mind that the essence of power naps is to replace deep sleep times. It is only to supplement your sleep time with an extra boost for better hygiene.

It may also be of great importance to also try a power nap when you begin to feel tired during the day. That may be a sign that your body needs to take a break. And even if you can’t have time for a  full deep sleep, a power nap can still do the magic. Remember also that the time you spend doing a nap could have different results because of the sleep cycles. Therefore, never lose light on the length of time you have to take a nap.

How long should a Nap be?

A straightforward question at this point is how long should you even spend taking a nap? Before giving an honest answer, we should all know that a nap is shorter than deep sleep. So, the length of your nap depends on the need you feel in your body and how you feel when you wake up. So, the nap that will give you the required sleep hygiene is maybe 30 minutes, or one hour or even longer. Whatever works for you, take it and get back stronger and better.

Benefits of Taking a Nap for a Healthier Sleep Hygiene

However, on a general note, you should know that when we take a sleep that is longer than 30 minutes, there is a temptation to begin to enter deep sleep. If the nap is not longer than this time, there is a greater assurance that it will result in improved memory, creativity, and better decision-making ability. As a result, one may also start to feel a bit sluggish or groggy. In these cases, it takes to be fully rested as sleep hygiene is more than a 30-minute nap.

By the time our nap reaches 60 minutes, we are already into a deep sleep wave, which can also be more beneficial. A nap that is as extensive as one hour can also improve the power of creativity and better memory. Also, if you have been struggling too much to stay awake in the middle of a meeting, it may be time to consider a long nap. It can help you get back with full vigor. When you can sleep for over ninety minutes, that is more than a nap; it’s deep sleep. 

Any duration that exceeds a period of 90 minutes may have taken us through the entire sleep cycle, including deep sleep, light sleep, and even REM sleep. A complete sleep cycle enhances our procedural memory, remembering the procedure of doing important things. The other one is an improved mood and creativity to bring out the best lying inside of us. Unfortunately, adults hardly have time to consider some sleep hygiene strategies. 


The length of your nap is not as crucial as its need and the fulfillment of that need. In other words, you find time to take out a necessity, especially when you feel it is highly beneficial. Rather than wait till you have lengthy hours to take a deep sleep, you can take a 30 minutes nap and get back your energy. Moreover, it can be a safer way of helping your body rather than depending on the coffee intake to fight sleep.