The Truth About the Pain from Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding laser eye surgery, despite the fact that many people have had this laser vision correction process done to repair their vision. Laser eye surgery is a common form of vision correction. 

Due to the prevalence of these myths and misconceptions, many individuals who suffer from visual issues are reluctant to seek laser treatment for their condition because they believe the operation will be highly uncomfortable.

In spite of the widespread perception that the best laser eye surgery is painful, the actual treatment is completely painless and leaves patients with just mild discomfort afterward. Some individuals may have some discomfort following a laser eye surgery procedure; however, this is generally easily tolerated and quickly resolves itself after only a few days; the most common side effects are watery eyes and irritation. 

The benefits of laser surgery much outweigh the minor discomfort that patients occasionally report feeling after the procedure. In most cases, the effects of laser eye surgery continue for many years.

laser eye surgery

As you continue reading, you will get knowledge on laser eye treatment and what to anticipate from the procedure itself.

Before Laser Eye Surgery

You would have started out with a preliminary appointment with the surgeon, during which your eyes would have been examined and you would have been evaluated to establish whether or not you are a good candidate for the various kinds of laser eye surgery, but before going to surgery you should read this article first

On the day of the procedure, the surgeon will first administer eye drops to your eyes. These drops will keep your eyes moist and will guarantee that they are completely numbed, preventing any discomfort.

The sterile speculum, which is straightforward and delicate to use, will be used by the surgeon to hold your eyes open while they do the procedure. It’s possible that at first, this will cause your eyes to feel funny, but if you can just attempt to relax and give it some time, your eyes will become used to it. 

In the extremely unlikely event that you experience anxiety prior to the operation, the surgeon may choose to give you a very low dose of a moderate sedative in order to put your mind at ease.

During Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

There are numerous variations of laser eye surgery available today for the purpose of correcting one’s vision. These corrective procedures include LASEK, LASIK, and SMILE. The surgeon may or may not use a laser to reshape the cornea or the surface of your eyes in order to offer you excellent vision. 

The SMILE, LASEK, and LASIK procedures each take only a few minutes, and the average time is 15 minutes. The surgeon will remodel a little portion of corneal tissue, around the width of one-quarter of a human hair, with the assistance of a laser light. 

Accuracy is improved by the use of the laser in surgery, and the anaesthetic and straightforward application ensure that the procedure is completely painless. People may experience mild discomfort, although it typically only lasts for a brief period of time and only in extremely rare instances.

Contrary to popular belief, a laser is actually quite similar to light. During the operation, you might notice a burning smell; however, this does not indicate that the laser is burning anything, nor does the scent have anything to do with the tissues in your eyes. 

The odour may remind one of smoke from burning, but it is actually caused by the reaction of the laser with the carbon atoms in the air around it and the gas that is used in the theatre environment.

After Laser Eye Surgery

There is a possibility that you will experience some discomfort during the laser eye surgery that you have.


After your LASEK procedure, the surgeon will place bandage lenses over your eyes to protect them. Bandage lenses are a type of clear and soft contact lens that can be used during the healing process to protect the eyes. There is a possibility that you will need to put on protective lenses for around a week. Despite this, it really relies on how quickly you recover.

After LASEK, some patients have mild to moderate discomfort, which is typically described as a stinging sensation; however, this does not last for an extended period of time.


Because the cornea recovers more quickly after LASIK surgery than it does after LASEK treatment, people who have LASIK tend to report less discomfort than LASEK patients. It’s possible that patients will suffer dry eyes or a gritty sensation for a day or two, but applying an eye drop helps minimise the discomfort. Since approximately ninety percent of people can have LASIK, it is by far the most prevalent form of laser eye surgery.


Similarly, to LASIK treatment, this technique promotes rapid healing with minimal discomfort, with only a few days of a watery and gritty sensation after it. learn more about SMILE by clicking here

Get in Touch with a Surgeon

It is essential, before undergoing laser eye surgery, to have a consultation with a seasoned surgeon who specialises in the procedure. Even though complications are uncommon, an expert surgeon is able to recognise any potential issues early on and provide treatment for them before they cause any harm.

In most cases, the healing process is uneventful, with only a few minor discomforts that gradually go away as the eyes heal. Nevertheless, in situations in which patients have worries about their recovery or operation, they can ask the surgeon questions and seek the appropriate counsel from him or her.


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