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buy Pregabalin Lyrica online Traditional Chinese Medicine views symptoms and disease as the manifestation of imbalance in the body; correct the imbalance to ward off disease.

zocor cost per year Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, there are three distinctly different methods of treatment, first is the treatment of symptoms or disease. This is how we approach medicine and treatment in our culture and medical system, using medicine and other forms of treatment to correct an existing imbalance in the body. The second is to treat constitutional or “genetic” weaknesses or imbalances. What this means is that none of us are perfect, we all have some sort of constitutional weakness inherited from our parents, whether that be a history of heart disease or diabetes. By treating these underlying imbalances, we can help to avoid these conditions from manifesting, by maintaining the best balance we can within an imperfect being. This can be done with acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy and lifestyle adjustment. The third method of treatment is to tonify or strengthen the body without disease present to maintain health; this can be compared to taking vitamin supplements in our culture. The stronger your body and body systems are, the easier it is to maintain balance and ward off disease.

Our conventional medical system is standardized, very black and white, using testing such as bloodwork, imaging or scans to form a diagnosis, leading to a standardized treatment. What this means is that if you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, or migraine headaches, you will likely receive the same treatment or medication as anyone else with the same diagnosis. What this allows is certain individuals to “fall between the cracks”, meaning that form of treatment may work well for the majority, but not for them. In Chinese Medicine, treatment is individualized, not standardized. What this means is that multiple imbalances in the body can result in the same symptoms or disease diagnosis. Therefore your headache is most likely different than the next person, because the imbalance causing your headache is different than the next. When we diagnose the imbalance presenting and causing your symptom, our focus is to re-balance, not to simply treat the pain; so as the imbalance is corrected, the symptoms diminish.

With acupuncture treatment, we use to needles to stimulate points on the body. These are not just randomly chosen points based on the location of your pain. All of these points lie on meridians of energy that flow throughout the body in specific pathways, comparable to blood vessels or nerves. They connect organs, tissues and regions of the body together. Choosing points along these pathways can illicit response from the body, based on the connection of that these meridians have. Because of this view, there are many different ways to restore balance in the body; the Art of Healing.

Pain is seen as a blockage of energy and blood flow at a particular area of the body. This can be caused by physical blockages from injury, scar tissue, spasm or inflammation, or energetic blockages from emotional stresses dealt with on a daily basis. Our focus in treating pain conditions with acupuncture is to restore flow where it is stagnant, or painful. This can be done by needling around the region of pain, along the specific meridians that are affected. This also helps to increase blood flow and an immune response to the area, increasing the healing rate, and trigger points in spasmic muscles can help to release spasm. In addition, we can use points along the meridian pathway to help increase the energy flow within the meridian; in this way points on the hand and wrist may be used to treat neck pain, or points on the foot or ankle may be used to treat low back pain.

Meridians of energy flow are often compared to water flowing in nature. At the distal extremities, the hands and wrists, or the foot and ankles the energy of the meridians is superficial, or at the surface. Because of this, these points illicit quick responses within the body and are often, if not always used in acupuncture treatment. In this way, points on the hand or wrist may be used to treat headaches, neck pain or even sinus issues. In this way, acupuncture treatment becomes an art, meaning there are many different ways to restore balance in the body, and many different points or methods that can be utilized to accomplish this.